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    what is love

    Everyone finds themselves half their own, if they crave love and be loved. Find the right person for you 3 people deserve to be called love. That person is first of all the person you love the most, the second is the person who loves you the most and the third person is your partner for the rest of your life, that person will be your arm-knuckle partner.

    So before you meet your lover, you must meet the person who gives you the feeling of love, that is to let you know what love is like. After experiencing two different states of love and being loved, you really have the experience, the determination to choose your partner in the future.

    However, you know not in life can not 3 have this story is a person who is. Do you have this condition? Your loved one does not love you, the one you love is not the one you love. So the person who really comes and who is attached to your life is the one who comes to you, appears at the most appropriate time.

    So the question is: how much will you be in my life?

    That is what you are and are looking for. Love struck lightning or "the charm of the number it grabbed each other".

    Loving or not loving will also be easy to change. Finding a person who really cares, caring and understanding you and especially from both sides is very difficult but not impossible.

    That person loves you is when he really loves you, if he does not love you can not pretend to love you. So it is impossible to be forced.

    Love is the most beautiful thing in life

    Love is a sacred and noble love. In other words, love is a connection, formed by positive emotional flow that you want to share with anyone. So when your lover wants to leave you, ask yourself if you really love the person. Sometimes your cold, indifferent feelings cause your partner to lose hope and decide to leave. Sometimes they feel that they are intermingled in your relationship with someone else. blame and torment me very much. Answer your own questions, free them or say them.

    Love does not let go, so if you do not really feel the love that the other has found your perfect half, you should be generous way to them. If you are determined to get things that do not belong to you, you are more pathetic and despised.

    When you really love a person, you have to know to accept the things that belong to that person including the defect. There is no absolute being, no perfect person. The compensation of each other, the lack of this person to make up for the lack of a new couple to make a comprehensive.

    Have you ever wondered why you love this person? It is difficult to answer, because it is in your senses, the lack of which you feel must compensate. When your mood is down, but when you have a problem, when you want to share the joy, the time you need someone to talk ... you always think about him, think about how they will appear in a way. Immediately do this thing for you, just like that.

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