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    1. Choose free activities


    If you find it hard to find, you will find many free activities. Check out the ongoing activities at your travel destination. Museums usually have a free day of the week and discount tickets on certain times of the day. Hiking is also a cost-effective way to save money.

    2. Book a room with a fridge / microwave or kitchen


    Although some people may not like cooking while traveling, self-catering breakfasts or lunches save you a lot of money. Fridge and microwave oven will help a lot for cooking

    3.Shop at local markets and shops


    Countryside markets often have cheap food prices at the end of the day. Shopping at local stores allows you to taste without paying a high price for a restaurant.

    4. Choose the convenient hotel


    Hotels in the downtown area make travel choices easier. If in the city, you should choose hotels near the subway or bus.

    5. Bring water / snacks when outdoors


    Children need snacks when the same adults explore outdoors and you will spend a lot of money to buy these items along the way. Put some pieces of cake in the bag and take out when the baby needs energy. Do not forget to bring water while visiting the outdoors.

    6. Do not choose a deluxe room


    You rent a hotel room for the main purpose is to stay, so do not need room with beautiful view or space is too wide. Because you rarely use gadgets like swimming pools or gyms.

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