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    I heard her friend talk about her two affair. About a seven-year affair, and a two-month affair. The seven year affair is like a savings account where she has contributed all her youthful youth. You know, when people open a savings account means that people put in a lot of hope, right? And my friend too. She hopes that with her sincerity, she will have a little bit of capital to believe in during her stormy life. So she loves all, love passionately, trying to cultivate and keep the love long lasting month. It is common sense, because those who love that want to end, let alone a long love relationship and so long!

    But then there was one day that my friend could not take anymore. She said goodbye. She collected her clothes and left the house with her boyfriend, lightly. When I asked her, why did not the last seven years squeeze her? Why did not you try to get together for seven years? She looked at me with very tired eyes.

    It's because he is just so I have to do everything by myself. "

    That is, her boyfriend let her go to the market, cook herself, clean the floor, do the laundry herself .... He just went to work, throwing his briefcase in the sofa and lying in bed in bed. , or play the game. I asked her why she did not ask for help, and she became more bored when she said,

    "He just hugged a few times, then stopped.

    Oh, I'm curious about her next love. With a son she has known for two months, she is sweetly calling him "paradise". I asked if the former lover was her "paradise"? Then she frankly said: no!

    Because her "paradise" is now a man who never let her do something alone. For example, if she goes to the market and cooks, he will wash the bowl. If you wash and dry your clothes, you will clean the floor. When she sat down to watch TV, he sat next to the book ... It was always not-for-her-alone.

    Well, it is still love, with the same girl, but the treatment of the two boys will bring the love story to two different outcomes. I know it's impossible to compare a seven-year relationship with a two-month affair, but the girl's feelings about love are always right.

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