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    Passive investment

    1.Becoming a YouTuber

    Take advantage of your iPhone and start making some videos. You only need a super viral video to start 

    making money from the AdSense platform, but even with modest views, you earn a regular income by 

    posting videos regularly. In addition, some well-known YouTube partners have also received other contracts on TV and commercials.
    In short, of course, everyone has a way of creating value in one way or another. In fact there are very few 100% passive income streams, but if you work hard and help enough people, you can figure out how to help a lot of people.

    2.Start blogging

    Perhaps the most common way to earn passive income that we all know is to set up your own blog. It only takes a few minutes to set up with a very cheap cost - buy domain name and pay for hosting service.
    Then start creating interesting content that people are interested in or the content you want to share. For example, if you are an experienced accountant who has helped many small business owners deal with tax issues, these will be your blog. I personally have a dedicated invoice blog to help customers learn more about invoicing. Especially this blog has attracted thousands of subscribers every month.
    First, make sure that the topics you write are popular topics that many people are interested in. If you do not value this, I'm not sure whether your blog will have enough visitors to make money from it. However, this you will not know in advance.
    Once you reach a certain number of followers, you can make money from your blog by:
    Make a commission as an agent. That is when you place other people's products or services on your blog. Make sure that the product or service is relevant to your blog. For example: Accounting blog site can become an agent for accounting software or invoice processing for example. When you find a partner as an agent, you will receive a separate code so that whenever a visitor clicks on that link on your site, you will receive a commission.
    Sell ​​advertising. If your blog has enough traffic to become an agency, then that would be a good opportunity for advertisers to buy ads on your site. Initially the income can be quite modest, like a search for an ad. But slowly, you can charge a three-digit number. Keep in mind that blogs must be quality.
    Find a sponsor. This is slightly different than just selling ads on your blog site. Sponsorship ads may be a piece of sponsored content or a permanent logo located at the bottom of your page..

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